Traditional Marketing​


Marketing may be evolving, but some marketing channels have been used for the last 100 years for a reason.​

Traditional Marketing​

Marketing may be evolving, but some marketing channels have been used for the last 100 years for a reason.​

Print Advertising Services

Newspaper & Magazine

Digital marketing may have changed the way businesses operate and advertise, but that doesn’t mean print advertising is gone. Depending on your industry, it may just be the very thing that takes your business to the next level. At Summit Marketing, we’re obsessed with finding the right marketing channels for your business and optimizing it to the fullest.

Eye Catching ADs - An unforgettable AD can turn readers into customers, that’s why our team is obsessed with grabbing your audience’s attention. Our design team will work with your brand and our media buying experts to provide the perfect design to captivate your audience and ensure that the message is loud and clear.

Premium Placement - Like any marketing, a great design is only part of the job, the best advertising doesn’t work if it doesn’t get seen by the right audience. This is why at Summit Marketing, our experts have over 10 years of experience with media buying, location analysis, and demographic analysis, ensuring the right audience sees your AD.

Reasonable Rates - At Summit Marketing, we want you to be comfortable with your ad spend and know it’s in good hands, we will always keep a watchful eye on the agreed-upon budget and keep open communication with your team.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a powerful medium, that involves the utilization of mail services to deliver branded items and promotional materials straight to your targeted audience. However, everyone's mailbox is always full, so it’s important to have the right message, design, and targeting, to cut through all the noise.

Strategy - Summit Marketing helps your company accomplish this through custom-tailored promotional materials based on your situation and goals. Create brochures, postcards, letters, newsletters, and offers to have high impact values to your audience. The design will have to POP to stand out from the competition and the messaging will have to include a compelling offer that ensures your audience will act.

Experience Matters - We have over ten years of experience designing and sending out direct mail, this experience will help us target the right audience that is already incentivized to use your product and services. It’s also highly measurable and can be personalized to even include names and other information to help your audience feel more connected to your brand. Every mailer sent also helps increase brand awareness, getting your name out there and creating word of mouth marketing.

Billboards & Outdoor Advertising

Billboards have been around for over 100 years, and while a lot has changed since then, they are still a very effective way of print advertising services. Billboards are a great way to increase brand awareness, as they reach a wide demographic, they work 24/7, and they can reach a very large audience in a short amount of time.

Our team will work with you to create the design that fits your goal and leave a memorable impression on your audience. It’ll need to be something short and clever that can be read in a few seconds, our copywriters live for this. We’ll also select the best locations with the highest amount of traffic to get maximum exposure.

Of course, our team will always make sure to stay within your budget getting you the best prices.


The Message - Radio advertising remains as one of the most dependable forms of marketing to reach your audience with your unique message. It converts listeners into customers, at an affordable price. At Summit Marketing we script, record, and edit your spots, working closely with your team to ensure that the radio AD reflects your brand perfectly and reaches your audience. A well-written radio AD should draw attention, have few sentences, present a strong call to action, and have emotion in the messaging.

Delivery - The quality of the message is just one part, we’ll also ensure they’re played exactly where your audience will hear them, finding prime placement so you can start seeing results right away. Radio ADs have the potential to be heard by thousands in seconds, and they can be repeated to the same listeners who already have a favorite radio station. Getting the most out of your budget is important to us which is why we will always make sure to select the best radio stations and times at the best cost in order to reach your demographic.


Many people still watch TV when it airs live, but with the advent of streaming services, the way TV is watched is evolving fast.

People watch their favorite shows days or weeks later than the air date, on streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Summit Marketing helps you bring your TV AD on every screen no matter where they’re viewing.

We don’t just script, shoot, and edit your TV spots, we also make sure they get the best placement at the best price. You can trust you’re working with the best team of experts with connections to get your brand across the TV advertising space.

Get started with Summit Print Marketing in any of the following TV advertising services: Cable TV, Local TV, Syndicated Television.