Digital Marketing


An online presence is instrumental to building your brand and connecting with customers directly.

Digital Marketing

An online presence is instrumental to building your brand and connecting with customers directly.

Multichannel Marketing

Social Media Management

Social media management involves posting relevant content to social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube and monitoring user engagement with posted content. It’s a cost-effective marketing strategy with few barriers to entry that can quickly reach your audience and connect with consumers.

Communicate - We start by creating an open dialogue with your team to better understand your brand’s need, wants, and goals. Ensuring that all is done so with the goal of achieving your desired outcome.

Research - For this step, we evaluate the market as a whole to identify your audience and competitors. We begin to strategize how to distinguish your brand while being consumer-centric.

Execute - Next, we implement our strategy by creating posts that align with your brand’s goals and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Engagement is key and our main focus.

Analyze - Lastly, we monitor performance, analyze views, engagement, likes, and compare them to other posts. We then continue to optimize our social strategy to maximize engagement.

Online Reputation Management

It’s important to put your best digital foot forward. The information online about your business contributes to your online reputation, every review, comment, or social mention good or bad. When the bad arises we work to get ahead of it before your reputation takes a hit, alongside with making sure all the positive is highly visible to your audience. Brand identity and perception is everything, which is why we offer a number of reputation management services covering key areas where your audience will be looking.

Strategy - At Summit Marketing, our ORM strategy revolves around SEO knowledge. Each project starts with audit of all your online profiles in order to identify any SEO improvements that will move your content up in the search results. We know that your online reputation isn’t limited to better search results, which is why we also proactively monitor any negative reviews from other marketing channels.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a valuable marketing strategy that allows you to guide leads effectively. The emails we will send will help you build a rapport with your audience, keep them up to date with your offerings, and invite them to a transaction. While there are platforms available to help you do it yourself, successful campaigns require experience and aggressive testing. Enlisting Summit Marketing can help you increase open rates, click-through rates, engagement, and conversions. Our process can be displayed in three simple steps.

Consultation - Our teams meet to discuss goals and desired results from the email campaigns. If templates and campaigns are already in use, we will review all information including design, call to action, and subject line in order to improve these metrics, if not we will create a custom email roadmap based on your desired outcomes.

Data & Testing - We’ll do extensive research on email marketing in your industry, and begin creating custom email templates that will be put through A/B testing for every metric of the email, ensuring the most effective email is sent based off your goals.

Monitor & Optimize - A successful email marketing campaign will need continuous monitoring, evaluation and optimization. Monitoring and optimizing aspects such as segmentation, lists, targeting, and performance.

Affiliate Marketing

Summit Marketing would find your brand various affiliates who would then promote your product or services. When promotions by an affiliate lead to a sale, your company would pay them a commission. This commission differs from brand to brand. You can either pay your affiliates for each sale, lead, or click.

Strategy - First, a commission strategy must be agreed upon between our teams, what is your desired outcome, more clicks, leads, or sales? Based on this information a commission structure will be created to incentivize any affiliates. We would then access our network which we’ve grown over the last ten years to find you the best partnerships while getting a better understanding of which partners will drive new customers. The next step will be measuring which conversions originated from the partner, and maintaining transparency with partners on the quality of those leads. We’ll always practice open communication with your team and the partners to ensure you’re satisfied with the results.